Note-keeping – Practical Ethical Hacking by TCM

by Kal Bartal

The course is very in-depth, so effective note-keeping is super important for engaging with the content and actually understanding it.

Here is a video I’ve found useful for effective reading, note-keeping and engaging with content.

Heath uses KeepNote, which I’ve not really looked into mainly because it doesn’t seem to offer a straight out-of-the-box sync option.

Other options:

  • Cherrytree
  • OneNote
  • Joplin

I’ve settled on Joplin for now because I could easily install it on my Windows PC, Linux, Mac and iPhone. Notes sync to the cloud with a click of a button and are available on all my devices synced.

Here’s a great video on Joplin.

A tool that makes notes more visual is Greenshot. I’ve downloaded it and started playing with it. So far so good.

Here is the link.

Here is an example, edited with the built-in editor.

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