Algorithm Tutor

by Kal Bartal

The following code is a Python program that uses the Tkinter library to create a graphical user interface (GUI) for displaying information about different sorting algorithms. The program includes a dropdown menu that allows the user to select a specific algorithm and a text box that explains the selected algorithm, along with its time complexity and best/worst-case scenarios.

When the user clicks the “select” button, the program activates a function called “show_algo”, which determines which algorithm has been selected and displays the corresponding information in the text box.

To create the GUI, the program imports the necessary modules (tkinter and ttk), defines the “show_algo” function and then creates the window, label, dropdown menu, text box and button elements. The “show_algo” function is then bound to the “select” button, executed whenever the button is clicked. The program runs as an event-driven application, meaning it will respond to user input (clicking the button) to perform specific actions.

Check out the Algorithm Tutor on GitHub:

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