5 Programming Languages Used By Big Tech: Exploring the Digital Transformation

by Kal Bartal

The digital transformation has opened our eyes and minds to the immense possibilities of programming languages. Big Tech companies and enterprises are constantly coming up with innovative ways to use these languages and unleash the full potential of technology. From Python and JavaScript to C++ and Java, here are the most commonly used programming languages by the top players in the industry.

1. Python: Fueling Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Python is among the most preferred programming languages in Big Tech companies. It is a high-level, interpreted and object-oriented language widely used for artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. Python is easily extensible and provides efficient solutions for cloud computing and web development. Companies like Google, Netflix, Quora and Dropbox leverage Python for their large-scale projects.

2. Java: Widespread Across a Variety of Industries

Java is a widely accepted object-oriented programming language for web applications and Android apps. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is one of the famous proponents of Java. Java has many features like automated memory management, portability, robust security and ease of use. Big Tech companies such as Uber, LinkedIn and Twitter, use Java to drive their projects.

3. JavaScript: The Lifeblood of the Web

JavaScript has cemented its place in the world of Web and Mobile App development. It is a high-level, dynamic and interpreted language supported by all major browsers. No other language can match the widespread usage of JavaScript in building user-friendly interfaces and bringing alive a web page. All the major tech firms – Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook, rely on JavaScript heavily .

4. Go: Designed for Speed, Safety and Agility

Go, famously known as Golang, is an open-source programming language designed to build web applications fast. Google introduced the Go language in 2009; since then, it has become the preferred choice for Web and Mobile development. It has a simple structure, leveraging both procedural and object-oriented programming techniques. Companies like Uber and Adobe are using this language to fuel the development of fast, reliable and secure applications.

5. C++: Built to Power Software and Large-Scale Systems

C++ is a highly efficient language used at Big Tech firms for software and system-level programming. It is a general-purpose language powered with low-level memory management features and proactive performance optimization. Google, PayPal, Amazon and Youtube use C++ to power mission-critical applications.

The 21st century has brought upon some real-time programming language innovations. Big Tech companies are constantly exploring new technologies and frameworks to address their business needs. Knowing the most popular programming language options can help enterprises create robust software applications for their business.

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